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Village Charter and Code 

Village Charter

Charter of Granville, Ohio   (PDF)

Article I - Incorporation, Powers and Form of Government   (PDF)   

Article II - The Council   (PDF)   

Article III - Ordinances and Resolutions   (PDF)   

Article IV - The Manager    (PDF)   

Article V - Administrative Departments   (PDF)  

Article VI - Finance   (PDF)   

Article VII - Borrowing   (PDF)   

Article VIII - Boards and Commissions   (PDF)  

Article IX - Nominations and Elections   (PDF)   

Article X - General Provisions   (PDF)   

Article XI - Transitional Provisions   (PDF)   

Village Code (Code of Ordinances) (Complete through June 1, 2016) 

Preliminary Unit    

Part One - Administrative Code   

Part Two - Village Charter

Part Three - Traffic Code    

Part Five - General Offenses Code     

Part Seven - Business Regulation Code     

Part Nine - Streets, Utilities, and Public Services Code     

Part Eleven - Planning and Zoning Code    

Part Thirteen - Building Code    

Part Fifteen - Fire Prevention Code